About Us

N & P Imports is a company located in Orlando, Florida, USA. We have been selling wholesale magnetic jewelry as well as various types of health products ever since the birth of our company in 1999, and have gained quite a wonderful reputation for excellent products and impeccable services over the past two decades. We have 8000 sq ft facility. This enormous facility is our pride and treasure, and it speaks quite clearly of the hard work we, from the management to every single category of employees, have put in, along with complete sincerity and dedication. 

Today, we are among the foremost and most popular wholesale magnetic jewelry providers in the country, and have every reason to boast an extensive array of magnetic jewelry products, from various kinds of magnetic alloy bracelets, magnetic bangle cuffs, magnetic rings, magnetic anklets, and even magnetic body supports at a really affordable, wholesale rate. For anyone who is new to the idea of magnetic jewelry, and wishes to know if it is a worthy investment for retail business, here is the basic idea. Magnetic jewelry is said to be therapeutic in nature, and is well known as an aide for curing various psychological or sometimes even psychosomatic disorders. Since in today‚Äôs world, more and more people are unable to stand all the pressure around them, it is obvious that they would want and need some sort of assistance, whether in the form of a therapist, or in the form of therapeutic magnetic jewelry. For this very reason, N & P came up with the idea of being wholesale providers and dealers of these therapeutic instruments. Apart from having the satisfaction of helping others, albeit in an indirect way though, the business is pretty much booming in this sector, and anyone with a retail business of this sort would definitely do well. 

We at N & P provide the best and widest variety of alloy, stainless steel and even titanium items, apart from high power hematite and pearl anklets, and that too, in the most fashionable designs. Everything from stainless steel bracelets and other types of jewelry, we have the best magnetic single and double hematite items such as necklaces and bracelets. Our designs are absolutely delightful, and would provide excellent business for any retail shop owner who chooses to display them in his showcasing window. 

In case you are not satisfied with the account, you are welcome, at any point of time, to visit our beautiful facility in Orlando, and see for yourself. You may contact us any time. We look forward to doing good business, and are sure to give you the very same. Our stuff is simply fabulous, extremely well priced, and a definite thumbs-up for anyone who wants to sell quality in great quantity. So, for anyone looking to sell magnetic jewelry in retail, we are the best wholesaler option you can have. Call or email us anytime!